The basic dental assisting program at Gwinnett Dental Career Academy is a 10 week program that is designed to teach basic skills to allow graduates to obtain an entry level position as a sterilization tech, hygiene assistant or chairside assistant in a general dental or specialty office.

Our course is held on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.

Graduates of this program will still have much to learn on the job, and may later want to take an expanded duties course to increase their skills and qualifications. The goal of this program is to be a stepping stone to allow the graduate to seek initial employment in a dental office and decide if that is the best career path for them without having to make a large investment in time or money.

Students who apply to this program should understand that there are several ways to be trained as a dental assistant. Some dental assistants have been trained on the job and have no formal education at all. Others have attended basic programs such as this one, while others have attended longer, more comprehensive programs that may include expanded duties certification. This program is introductory in nature and does not exclude the possible need for additional education if the graduate wants to continue to other higher level positions in dentistry.

Please email us for more information.