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"Being a stay at home mom for almost 6 years, I was very nervous about going back to the working world. But GDCA gave me the confidence I needed to start a new career in dentistry! Dr Herington, Cindy and Dana were fantastic instructors who really have a passion for dentistry and teaching others about it. The hands on learning along with the instructors knowledge and experience really prepared me for my position as a dental assistant. My dentist was very impressed with this program and the skills we learned in the classroom. I started working with patients immediately and I’m loving it!!" — Amy H.

"I am a recent graduate of GDCA & I could not be happier! I’d recommend this program to anyone interested in the assisting field. I checked into the assisting program at my local college & found out that it would take me 12 months to get my diploma there. So I opted to drive two hours one way each week just to go to GDCA! It’s definitely hard work & you’ve got to study every week, but if you devote yourself you’ll come out satisfied! I began applying for jobs about a month before graduation & started my first job the Monday after graduation! GDCA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!" — Brittany H.

"Gwinnett Dental Career Academy was a great stepping stone in the start of my dental assisting career. It gave me the pratice and skills needed to become a confident dental assistant! The instructor and doctor were both very patient and gave good explanation of terminology. The course has helped me improve in many aspects of what is involved in becoming a dental assistant. I have truly benefited from taking the 10 week course and I am very excited to be starting my career in the dental field!" — Elizabeth R.

"When I first applied to GDCA I had no knowledge of what being a dental assistant entailed. Other than knowing I wanted to work with people hands on, I was ready to learn something new! When I graduated 10 weeks later, I left with a passion for the dental field, a full understanding of what was expected of me, and actual hands on practice. They gave me all the tools I needed to start a great career. I have been employed as a dental assistant for the past four years and I have loved every minute of it!" — Erika K.

"I attended GDCA because it was affordable and it fit into my schedule. I am a wife who at the time had a full time job and was raising two kids. Dr. Herington and Mrs. Cindy were great teachers who taught us the basic skills and gave me the confidence I needed to be able to go out and find the job that I wanted. Two months after graduation I found a job that was close to home and had great pay and benefits. That was over a year ago, I am still working and learning new skills every day. I can say that I am truly happy that I chose GDCA for my training." — Temika A.

"Being a graduate of Emory University majoring in Psychology, you would think I would have wanted to continue on with my Psychology degree. Believe it or not, I wanted to try something different and little did I know it would be a career change as well. GDCA definitely helped me decide on a career in dentistry due to the great staff and hands on learning it offers. Cindy is a fantastic, good-hearted instructor, and having Dr. Herington on site was very helpful. They are always willing to help you perfect your skills. I’ve been a dental assistant in an office in John’s Creek for 2 months now, and I love every minute of it. — Samin F.

"Just freshly out of high school, I had no idea how to obtain a promising career without going to college. I was just working full time in retail and was basically stuck going nowhere! But when an acquaintance of mine mentioned the program at Gwinnett Dental Career Academy, I knew I could achieve having a career in the dental field easily. The program allowed me to be able to maintain my job and spend time with my family. Unlike many colleges that teach only through textbook, GDCA made it fairly easy to learn since everything was so hands on! Not to mention it’s 10X less than the cost of college tuition. Since the class size is limited it allows everyone the chance to comprehend and gives Mrs. Cindy the chance to focus on each individual. She truly is passionate and dedicated to her dental career, which inspires me to strive for what I know I am capable of. I am grateful that Dr. Herington sees the opportunity to share her passion with individuals that are eager to learn and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity that GDCA has given me! — Lizzie K.